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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


An elderly neighbor of mine was recently in a traffic accident at the corner of North Drive and Glencoe here in the Village. The vehicle he was driving and another vehicle collided, and he ended up being taken to the hospital by the Medics ambulance service. His vehicle, in the street (North Drive) and considered unsafe to operate, was ordered towed away by the police. My neighbor was in the hospital two days and is now slowly recovering at home with in-home nursing care.

My neighbor INSISTS that the police had no right to tow his car away because, being in the Village, it was on private property. I cannot imagine this is right, for how in the world (to think of only one justification) would we ever get our Village roads cleared of damaged vehicles if this were the case?

Can anyone tell me (chapter and verse, if possible) what the law is concerning this situation?


  1. Hi all,

    This will require a bit of research in UCO files to get specific, however, we have an agreement with PBSO allowing them to enforce the traffic laws on the perimeter road; those who have received citations for moving violations can testify to this fact.

    This agreement is why we upgraded the signage on the perimeter roads to Code.

    So, PBSO may be on solid ground.

    Dave Israel

  2. "Those who have received citations for moving violations" rather struck home!

    A few days after the last delegates meeting, where we were TOLD the police would be enforcing traffic rules in the Village, I came to a "rolling stop" at the stop sign on West Drive at the intersection of South Drive. I saw the sheriff's car behind me with lights flashing and pulled over to the right to let him pass so he could apprehend whoever it was in front of me he was after. Of course he pulled in BEHIND me. The officer was courteous and professional, and I got a ticket for not coming to a complete stop--job well done on his part. The fine was $166 (gulp!), but fortunately it will not affect my insurance because I have (I mean had) a good record.

    I thought during the exchange of saying to the officer, "But, sir, I know Dave Israel!" Then I thought better of it.....

    Thanks, Dave, for your answer above. If you find out anything more, I would be interested.

  3. I saw the cars in the mentioned accident. I think the car in question was blocking the intersection into the north drive. The man was in the hospital for 2 days. Were we to have a blocked intersection for 2 days while the man was in the hospital and the car left, abandoned? The man also needs his head examined.

  4. Hi Lanny. This is not chapter and verse, but I believe the PBSO can come in anywhere (private or not) to investigate accidents and crime. As for the towing, what prevents towing of a blocked intersection? Associations can tow cars (we do) that violate our parking signs. The person who complained should come to the delegate meeting and ask the PBSO guy to explain, but I would have towed the car too. PC


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