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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chuck and Take Cover - The Sequel!

I’m extremely disappointed not to have received a telephone call from recently UCO dismissed Insurance Agents, Plasteridge, or more importantly Charles Knudson (known to his friends as Chuck).
Many association presidents, I am reliably informed, have already received a call from Mr. Knudson who, despite his dismissal, is busy soliciting business with promises of vastly reduced building insurance premiums.
Am I alone in thinking that if he’d been doing this for the past ten years he wouldn’t have been dismissed in the first place, and isn’t it a little on the arrogant side to solicit associations when UCO has finally and clearly shown Charles Knudson the door?
The last time I spoke with Charles Knudson, he was distinctly uncomfortable and apparently unable to answer my questions, so I must presume that I’m off his list of prospective clients.
I am in no doubt that he and former Insurance Chairman, Dan Gladstone, are well aware that since that initial meeting, I, like many other have taken a very close look at the books. 
Personally, I have been fortunate to have the assistance and expertise of insurance agent Alex Hartman, who was instrumental in showing the original discrepancies to UCO and has helped me a great deal in understanding what to look for.
However, since I doubt I will have the opportunity to speak with Charles Knudsen directly, should he or his minions call any of you bloggers, perhaps you could ask the following:
After years of literally begging, to no avail, for our policies, when we finally got them, who, what, where and why were figures deleted from ALL our insurance documents? 
Why did this insurance agency hold its clients in such contempt as to deny them an actual bill for their services? To this day, Plasteridge informed our maintenance companies what we owe, without explanation or detail.
Why were some of our policies expensively duplicated?
And finally, why were we forced to subsidize other buildings? Not all buildings were effected by The 1st Priority Restoration scandal but all residents paid the true cost. We were dropped by an insurance company because of the large amounts of claims. Plastridge knew, said nothing, and no doubt collected the commission from the extra premiums we ultimately all were forced to pay.
Many people have put a great deal of time and effort into finally formulating our biggest single association expense – insurance, into a fair and affordable item, so on second thought, maybe the only question all of us should ask if Charles Knudsen calls is:
“When are you leaving?” 

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