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Friday, December 3, 2010

Congratulations Ed!

Congratulation Ed. It is nice to know that our money is in your good hands. You have already done so much for the Village. I am very appreciative of your hard work.


  1. Way to go Ed.
    My heartfelt congratulations go out to you.


  2. One of the unsung heroes of the Village. When giving is in itself the reward, rare individuals like Ed will continue giving at an unyielding pace. Thank you for your continuous service.

  3. Thank you Delegates. for the support you demonstrated in light of such an outpouring of negativity.

    Let’s not lose sight of the volunteers who work for us at UCO and must continually wonder “why” in light of such a lack of respect for their unselfish efforts.

    I for one want to thank all of UCO’s volunteers past, present and future……remember without their efforts, the office staff would all be on the payroll.

  4. On the way to the delegates meeting, I was asked by someone to not vote for Ed. "Why?" I asked. The person could give me no good reason except to claim "guilt by association," in itself shaky ground, but in this case it was (supposed) guilt by association with others against whom NOTHING has been proved! Some of these "others" I've now known for five years. Granted I'm no sleuth, but I have found no evidence of what the muckrakers say of them. On the contrary, I've found good people doing their best for the Village.

    This can't help but make the muckrakers themselves go down in my estimation, especially when they rant and rave and disrupt at delegates meetings. I was ashamed at the end of Friday's meeting when our UCO president Dave Israel was subjected to the tirade he was. Where is a sense of civility on the part of these vehement oppositionists? The earmark of respected leaders of opposition groups has been their civility--for example, those polar opposites President Reagan and Tip O'Neill, who after a day of total disagreements would sit down in the evening at the White House, enjoy a cigar together and swap Irish jokes.

    Won't you try to be civil, oppositionists? I'd much rather my opinion of you go up than down.

    Ed, my congratulations. The Village is in your debt (no pun intended, as you take over the treasurer job) many times over.

  5. Ed - Congratulations! It's awful what we must go through to be a volunteer in this community when we work hard for the good of all. You did not deserve that scene at the Delegate Assembly and be subjected to the lies that have been spread for years now. Some people are simply repeating what they have heard and were not even residents when our so-called travesties were done. At any rate, I am very happy we will have someone in as treasurer who has experience and knowledge and someone who is dedicated to doing a good job. Jean


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