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Thursday, December 23, 2010


Someone is circulating a rumor, that the Brown & Brown Quote sheet does not include a quote for Law & Ordinance coverage, just so their total premium would appear lower; this is not true, now let’s see why:

there is currently a Law & Ordinance policy in place for the CV West Palm Beach Associations set to expire on 5/31/2011. The annual cost for that current policy provided through Plastridge including taxes and fees is $620,854. A copy of this policy is available in the UCO office for your review.

Brown & Brown did propose a replacement policy for the Law & Ordinance coverage during the extensive qualification, research, and bidding process organized and supervised by UCO. Their proposal for the exact same coverage was $425,637.24 including taxes and fees based on the values for all of the associations.

That would have been an annual savings of approximately $195,217 just on that policy alone. That would translate to an annual premium rate of 7.6 cents for each $100 worth of building value. For a Building valued at $1,616,734 as part of the shared program; the Annual Premium for the Ordinance or Law would be approximately $1,229. The exact figure may be just slightly different based on the rates available in May 31 of next year. They do not anticipate much, if any change with the rates between now and then.

Why don’t we implement this new quote now? Because the high priced Plastridge policy premium has been fully earned and thus if we canceled it at this time we would get very little back from the already paid premium. Rest assured we will implement the new rate in June 2011 with Brown & Brown!!

Dave Israel
United Civic Organization


  1. Dave: Our quote says "Premium Allocation By Assocation Based on Full Participation."

    Is there a chance that the premiums listed on our quote will INCREASE for our assocation after we sign with Brown and Brown, IF enough other associations do not? Thanks

  2. Hi Plcruise,
    December 23, 2010 11:56 AM,

    The only impact will be on Wind Buy Downs and this will be a minor increase.

    Dave Israel

  3. The road to getting our insurances straightened out has been at times a bumpy one, there have been some misunderstandings, there have been rumors, some have struck out on their own, and we lament the fact so much is now last-minute. But I will say this: I am SO GLAD we did not continue as we did, with very little aired and Plastridge's rates going through the roof and into the stratosphere under one insurance "czar" we foolishly trusted. I can see now that associations will be saving thousands by not going the Plastridge route.

    Who are to be commended? Certainly you are, Dave Israel, for setting us on this new insurance course since you took office as UCO president, and in how you continue to keep us informed moment-by-moment through this blog. Certainly Toni Salometo and the Insurance Committee are for their hard work, especially when it got "down to the wire." Certainly too, Alex Hartman, of Alan James, is for being the first (I believe this is right) in clarifying so much for us, even though his agency was not chosen by the Insurance Committee to be the "insurance agency of record" for UCO. And certainly Ty Beba and Brown & Brown is for being the Committee's winning candidate with prices that will save us thousands.

    But if memory serves me right, and I am connecting the dots, there are two without whom none of this might have happened: Jean Dowling and Sue Cohen, who first exposed the First Priority affair (which Sue rightly calls a scandal) for what it was, which in turn led THEM FIRST to suspect Plastridge of overcharging.

    So this is my thanks to the many cited above, with especial thanks to TWO PIONEERS who for the benefit of all persisted in the face of adversity.

  4. Hi Lanny,
    December 23, 2010 3:25 PM,

    Very well said and written; just look at the breakthroughs:

    1) Full legal, professional Bid process as required by law!

    2) Full breakout of quotes, which I have never seen in my 10 years in CV.

    3) Full distribution of policies to all Associations (As required by Law), unfortunately marred by the inexplicable redaction of key cost numbers. (This will be rectified by our new Agent of Record)!

    4) Successful approach to new markets with very significant dollar savings.

    No doubt I will be accused of political posturing; but I sincerely hope all voters remember these advances when they cast their votes in future elections; because undoubtedly those who presided over the previous state of affairs, will attempt a return to Office!!!

    Many thanks to the entire team who made it all happen; this ball has a long way yet to roll.

    Dave Israel

  5. May I also add my thanks to Dave, Tony, the insurance committee and those who worked tirelessly to obtain a new insurance provider that will save us all a pile of money and be there for us.


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