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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Open Letter

The first Friday of every month we have a Delegate meeing in the
Clubhouse and all delegates are asked to attend to hear the issues
that are at hand at Century Village. For the past few months Olga
Wolkenstein makes sure that she gets a mike in her hands to express
issues that have nothing to do with Century Village. All she is doing
is airing dirty linen that does not pertain to any issues concerning
Century Village. Olga, I plus I am sure many of the delegates would
like for you to cease grabbing the mike to talk about issues that have
nothing common with the issues of Century Village.


  1. You are absolutely on the mark. Olga and a few others are just toxic. They have nothing constructive to offer but delight in being disruptive and just spew out hateful and more often than not a pack of lies. They bring our Village to a very low level.

  2. Now you know why I'd rather wait to see the meeting online...


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