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Thursday, December 9, 2010


I just drove out of the west gate and where the Sonoco gas station is there are
many sheriffs there because they spotted the kidnapper who took a 12 year old
girl from Virginia and the kidnapper shot her mother to death. The sheriffs were
able go arrest one man but the killer who shot her mother is still at large with
the 12 year old girl and hopefully since they know the details of the car and the
plate that they will be able to save that poor girl. My prayers are out for her
safe return.


  1. A news bulletin reports that the man apprehended in the rest room of the gas station is not the one they were looking for. He did not have the tattoos of the kidnapper. He was found in a semi-conscious state in the rest room, under theinfluence of a narcotic and was taken to Columbia Hospital.

  2. By now you heard the missing girl in question was found. Here is a link to one story:


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