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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Info please

In order to get a discount on my car insurance premium, I need to pass a "safety driving course." Can you tell me when the next course will be held in the village?
Thank you.


  1. I think Courtney at the clubhouse may be able to tell you. 640-3120x203, It is also usually posted on Channel 63

  2. Hi, there is one this Saturday 8th, from 9-3, call the clubhouse for more detail 640-3111.
    I encourage people to take the course online,quicker, anytime. Check with your car insurance co. to see if you qualify for a discount by taking the National Safety Council's Online Defensive Driving Course. If you search there are seveal others online.

  3. The course (one where "everyone passes" when I attended at the clubhouse with a friend) was good. You got the discount on your insurance, but you also got a chance to ask questions, and you came away reminded that courtesy and respect on the road were really "who you wanted to be."

    After my boyhood best friend, Malcolm, got his driver's license, he gave me a ride in his car. Two teenagers! He came to one of those intersection situations where it's kind of a tossup whether you stop for the pedestrian or go on through. The pedestrian was an old lady, and Malcolm stopped and beckoned the lady to walk across. I have never forgotten it. Malcolm is now retired, and guess what he teaches part-time? Driver Ed.

  4. Thank you all for the info.


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