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Thursday, January 27, 2011

New UCO Reporter

I just read the new reporter that came out today. What a wonderful issue, I loved David's column and Syd Kronish's, then I got to Phyllis Richland's and it was a delight to read. Most of the letters were positive. Dom's maintenance report is so thorough and informative. We are truly blessed with so many of our volunteers, the talent is unbelievable. When I go away, I come home and thank God for leading me to this little corner of paradise. Its not perfect but I doubt that there are many places in this country where we could get so much so reasonably.

As many of you know, my 51 year old daughter had breast cancer 2 years ago and now it has spread to her brain and spine. She has been going under extensive treatment and I know many of you and friends all over the world are praying for her and we do not know what is in store for her but the prayers and concern are keeping her morale up and this is a good thing. I thank you all. She has had a good week. Thank you all Mollie


  1. Mollie:

    My heart aches for you for I
    know the feeling for I lost my
    eldest daughter 3 years ago and
    she was 52 years old. My prayers, thoughts and hopes for a recovery
    are with you and your family.

  2. Dear Mollie, my heart and prayers are with you and your daughter.

  3. dear mollie, each and every one of us has been touched in some way with this dreaded disease and i know how important prayers are from any quarter. our family lost two beauriful young women not quite fifty in the past couple of years. the prayers from stew and i to you and your family are from the very bottom of our hearts. may god give you the strength you need.

  4. My Prayers are with you &
    yours..The Power of Prayer
    not only kept my husband
    alive, many months longer
    than his oncologyst originally predicted, but
    also aforded us quality time. May you so be blessed.
    Bettie Lee Bleckman

  5. I just had a flashback to that St. Elsewhere episode where some woman with gangrene on her leg refused to amputate it and chose to let it spread to the rest of her body. I now know why women have mastectomies.

    Today is the Komen fun run. They have had sillier stunts (i.e., pink chicken breasts). Women's causes (not just breast cancer) are virtually ignored, even by CNN. Men have lots of pills for E.D. but women have nothing for B.C. It is a serious story even if the coverage runs the risk of goofy.


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