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Monday, February 14, 2011


Hi all,
Have you seen the Titan Restoration trucks in the Village? Preliminary research suggests that the principals of this new firm are closely related to those of 1st. Priority Restoration Services, Inc., if not the very same persons. Please go to the following URL and read the documents carefully, these documents are all available on the public record:

Note that the President, Secretary, Treasurer and Director, one Orly Cohen-Levy, is closely associated with Yitshak Levy, a principal of 1st. Priority, and the Registered Agent, Attorney Kevin I. Schwartz Esq. has represented 1st. Priority from time to time.

Any unit owner considering employing Titan Restoration, Inc. for any advertised services, are advised, as in any case of engaging any contractor, to check for License, Insurance, and References.

Finally, please consider having any contract that any contractor asks you to sign, checked out by someone knowledgeable in such matters.

Dave Israel
United Civic Organization


  1. I shudder to think what any condo owners who "sign up" may be in for if these companies should be related. Did not residents read the huge spread titled "A Century Village Tragedy" on page 16 of the December UCO Reporter? Can it be that some residents still don't know about this? Sign NOTHING until you are absolutely sure it's okay. If you are pressured, that's all the more reason to say NO WAY.

  2. Thanks again for the good information Dave. The Tital document shows that the last event was a name change.
    Lanny we know that people don't read the Reporter or watch channel 63 then they complain that they don't get any information.

  3. Their White Pages listing is quite impressive although the address differs from that registered with SunBiz and is in fact the 3389 Sheridan Street – Home of 1st Priority Restoration and their attorney the lovely Rhonda Zimmerman
    By the way the immediate response promised may be difficult if calling Titan’s ‘West Palm Beach Office’ – the number listed is way out in Pahokee.
    Contact with the owner Ms. Cohen- Levy could also prove inconvenient. No telephone number here just an address and two P.O.Boxes in Key West!

  4. Is there a front man in the village signing people up for them ? I seemed to remember somebody from UCO was helping Ist Priority sign people up. I can't remember who thou , old age you know.

  5. Former UCO maintenance chair Jerry Karpf alleged that 1st Priority Restoration were recommended by two association presidents whose names he couldn’t remember.
    They were also promoted in a sudden pandemic of water leaks by the then UCO Insurance Chairman, Dan Gladstone, who promised “No out of pocket expenses” if associations used 1st Priority.
    This company, which specialized in gutting apartments in the pursuit of alleged mold left a wealth of hefty insurance claims in its wake, along with many displaced residents – some still not home and many out of their units for months.
    Former UCO Insurance Guru Gladstone pleaded and has continued to plead innocence.
    It had been hoped that we had heard the last of 1st Priority but it appears a similar company (Titan) has taken up residence in the same building, the infamous 3389 Sheridan Street!

  6. Its,pathetic that this is an on going thing.


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