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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dunkin Donuts

A chance encounter with a member of management of H Q (head quarters) at our local DD this am, prompted me to suggest they
make an effort to accomodate our community,in the evenings,
particulary weekends, show nights, etc. stating that many would be
patrons, went elsewhere, due to lack of inventory...
This Gentlemen named "Joe", was most receptive and expressed interest in working with the I would suggest if
you currently frequent this location ( just outside our West gate) please make your opinion known... Thank you
Bettie L Bleckman


  1. I have no idea what you are saying here.

  2. If you go to Dunkin after 7pm hoping to find your favorite donuts, 'aint gonna happen, they let the selection run down to a few dry muffins. I'm glad Betty found a live manager there, Joe the Donutter. My server still holds the record for blankest of the blank, I gave my order he stared into space, hellooo. I don't go there any more.

  3. elaine: was it still day
    light? as for Marc V...
    quite simply put...if you
    happen to stop at DD, some
    evening, you will not find
    a selection of goodies
    available..they will make
    changes, if they receive enought complaints..

  4. Here's the problem from where I sit.

    A computer program in headquarters told the scheduler you are not actually there at the times you claim to be. The fact that you are indeed ordering, in person is statistically impossible.

    So if you want to see Hope and Change in you local donuttery - call the main number. While Joe is staring off blindly into the night, look around. The corporate phone number must be around somewhere.

    While you're at it ... shoplift a few stale bagels for the ducks :)

  5. L7218--By all means you are
    ENTITLED to your impression.
    However, "Joe" was 1 of 3
    Gentlemen, visiting from Corporate, mid morning,talk-
    ing to employees,when I en-gaged him in conversation.
    Never having had the experience of "Shoplifiting"
    I'll leave that to the
    Professionals, such as your-

  6. People are testy this AM, lmao

  7. I go to the DD near CV occasionally in the PM. The guy in charge is George and he is alert and ready to take your order. He is friendly. I do admit there is more of a variety of donuts in the morning, but when I go, there is always a couple I like.


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