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Thursday, February 24, 2011


Despite all of the complaining and the flat refusal of some folks to research and learn the science behind water level reduction in our lakes and canals; we are in fact, in the current time frame,  receiving Reclaimed Water at a flow rate well in excess of contractual limits of 750Kgallons per day.

The chart above shows that over the last week, we are receiving 2,458,000 Gallons per day! Over the last 30 days, our average volume is 1,540,000  Gallons per day; twice our contractual limit.

Do you notice the slight increase in water level? This means, for the moment, the inflow is just ahead of Percolation loss and Evaporative Transpiration losses combined.

Instead of complaining, look at the guage, do some arithmetic, only at these accelerated rates can we keep just ahead of natural losses, don't expect the County to keep this going for any extended time, and please take the time to learn the facts before  bombarding the County Office with nonesense calls; which have no effect whatsoever!

Dave Israel

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  1. Hi Dave:

    Reclaimed water use is the ONLY approach for landscape irrigation in FL these days. Signing the contract with PBC was one of sensible things prior UCO Administrations accomplished. I wish now we had signed for more water.


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