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Monday, February 21, 2011

Record Retention and RETRIEVAL

In my business life I was involved with micrographics and record retention. There are many laws that designate what records need to be kept and for how long. Microfilm was the accepted medium for this process. Online database storage was too expensive. Today that has changed and local governments, businesses and educational institutions have converted to online storage.

UCO has kept all of its records over the years but they were in file cabinets and often hard to find. This has changed.

David our wonderful President is in the process of changing all of that. He and with the help of others are in the process of scanning all of UCO’s records into a database which can be used by UCO to answer the many questions that people of CV have. He understands business, management, and has the technical knowledge to put this project into place. If you go by the UCO office after hours you will often see his car. He is in the office scanning documents.

This is not the kind of activity that everyone in the village knows or cares about unless a question pertinent to them comes up and they come in and ask the question. The answer can be gotten quickly and accurately. No more rumors of what people think happened. There is documentation to show what really did happen.

When someone gets up at the delegates meeting and starts accusing UCO of doing things, and presenting this incorrect information as fact, we can now go to the computer and find the REAL answer.

When the history of ALL UCO documents are on the database, the daily job of some UCO volunteer will be a half hour to scan all the previous days documents. This project brings UCO into the 21st Century. I would like to thank Dave, our un-sung hero for implementing this wonderful project. We need the officers and staff to support this and use it to its full potential. We live in a technical world, our grandchildren are as comfortable with these processes as we were with a radio dial. It is very important that UCO continue this improvement process. As we go to vote for Executive Board Members in a couple of weeks, let us think about our vote and support those who want to do things to make UCO better, not those whose only voice is against everything, never a suggestion to think about it or maybe improve something just a negative. We have good people in this village, we need to support them fully.


  1. I agree with Mollies post here on the blog, and to think people were and are against the blog. No wonder they want to leave us in the dark!I think from the little that I know, the new U.C.O. has improved the life here in Century Village by leaps and bounds!It should be mandatory that all that live here really know what is happening. My hope is that the crew at U.C.O. keep going forward and keep us in knowledge, not the old crap that went on here. Thank you Dave and U.C.O. members.

  2. Since it is Presidents' Day - I say Thank you Mr. Dave Israel- our President! He deserves to share this holiday with the great ones!

  3. So well said, Mollie. We all get so busy with our lives we forget what it takes to run The Village, never mind keep improving it. CV is a city in itself with all the complexities that go with it. Advances don't materialize out of thin air--they come from vision and hard work. Thanks for reminding us of Dave's exceptional work.

  4. Bravo again, David, for being the best President UCO has ever had. Can you run again next election?

  5. People have no idea the hours that Dave and others at UCO spend per day and per month to just keep this place going, much less have time to improve it. Thank you Dave and the dedicated others who serve. Some of us understand, support you and appreciate you.

  6. Hi mllwpbfl,
    February 21, 2011 4:39 PM,

    First of all, thanks to you all for the kind words, and yes, I am permitted by our By-Laws to run for the Office of President of UCO again in March of 2012. My current term has one year from March 2011 to run.

    But all of you out there don't have to wait that long to help run our Village...How! you say can I help, simple, VOLUNTEER your time and skills to make UCO better.

    The main Post is about the Scan and digitization project, we can use at least two more computer literate Volunteers to work on this project.

    We also need volunteers in Investigations, the UCO Reporter and in other UCO Departments.

    Think about it, and thanks again,

    Dave Israel

  7. Right On..Mollie..David has devoted all his time into making our village come into this century and beyond. It will make our residents life much easier. We could never live here if we had to pay our President for the hours he puts in. But, beyond this is his caring about this village. Let us show our support of such a dedicated president by supporting the people who will continue to support Our President.

  8. Bravo David for all that you are doing for us in the Village and thank you Mollie for reminding us all that is being done to make our lives easier.


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