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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Speaking at Delegate meetings

I really believe that anyone should be able to ask a question at a delegate meeting but we are so often the recipient of speeches that are presented as fact. I think it is time to ask the people who want to speak to present evidence that what they want to say is actually the truth. When people say things with enough force, many take that as fact and start spreading it around. The rumor mill flourishes.

Questions _ Yes

Rants and speeches should not be allowed. - They are out of Order

Any valid suggestions should be cleared with the executive committee before being given floor time. This time is too valuable for communicating valid information to allow opinions that can't be validated.


  1. Hi Mollie,
    Many people were pleased that you were able to put an end to one of the rants by sucessfully "wrestling" the microphone from his grasp. There is no substitute for a strong yet fair presiding officer during these meetings. It may be necessary to remind the assembly that "New Business" marks a call for motions to be made, and the assembly should have been reminded that venting or legitimate complaints must be reserved for "Good and Welfare".


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