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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


once again we had a very successful meeting this morning . Rodger led the discussion and it was really good. so many questions asked about foreclosure showed us that we need more information . maybe we can get becker, to give us a seminar just about that. there are so many associations hurting due to this.

we did serve coffee and cookies as promised and we will do it again at the next meeting which will be april 13 at 9:30 in the party room.

please come. your question and or your answer could be just what another person needs to hear.

thanks again for coming and we hope to see you all next month.

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  1. I have been to many meetings, workshops etc. that UCO has offered and I have learned much but the "Presidents Council" is by far the most informative. Thank you Phyllis and Roger. Everyone here in CV should take advantage of this wonderful 2 hours of information we get from your knowlege and from the questions that are asked and answered. Keep up the good work and word will be getting out through word of mouth and I am sure within a short time we will need a larger room. Once again THANKS


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