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Thursday, March 3, 2011


Hi all,
In another Post, a BLOGGER asks the names of the incumbent Executive Board members and implies that they have made UCO better; and thus should all be returned to office.

As UCO President I Post to advise you that the basic premise of that Post is erroneous.

Some of the incumbents and candidates for the Executive Board provide no new ideas whatever, they simply disrupt meetings, and do not research the issues. They bring noise but no signal; they bring heat but no light!

I will remind you all that you do not have to vote for ten (10) candidates, vote only for those proven candidates who have given years of service and provided new ideas consistently.

Your UCO President recommends the following Candidates for Executive Board:

Dom Guarnagia

Lanny Howe

Myron Silverman

Ken Davis

Help make UCO better - Period, end of message.

Dave Israel


  1. Hi Dave. It would be GREAT if those you recommend would be the only ones back on the UCO Board. Too bad we can't vote to keep people off the UCO Board.

  2. Thank you for pointing the errors of my thinking for which I intended no harm... and for the list of recommended office seekers.


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