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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Golf's Edge Saga Takes a Bizzare Twist.

The ongoing saga of Golf's Edge took a bizarre twist this week when routine research on Issac Feder’s attorney, Esther Zaretsky, revealed a much closer connection with Century Village here in West Palm Beach.
In 2009 Ms. Zaretsky purchased an apartment in a garden building for her father, a surgeon who had been released on parole after serving more than 30 years for the murder of her mother in Great Neck, Long Island in 1975. ‘The UCO Reporter’ has since discovered that he is now, serving on the board of that Association in clear violation of Florida Statute.
The discovery was made by the president of the United Civic Organization, David Israel, a strong supporter of Golf's Edge and their plight, whilst researching Ms. Zaretsky’s distinguished career as an attorney. Her purchase of the apartment, and it’s subsequent transfer, prompted further investigation to reveal the presence of her father in Century Village, a convicted murderer and the subject of a book and numerous articles written on his crime. Now ailing, he was released on his sixth attempt for parole having been sentenced to life imprisonment. Her father, now 92 years old was charged in 1975 with second degree murder of Ms. Zaretsky’s mother. He was arrested on the tarmac of JFK whilst attempting to flee the U.S. to join his mistress.
Authorities discovered that he was in possession of jewelry and almost half a million dollars in securities belonging to his late wife. He was later found guilty of grand larceny and convicted of second degree murder for injecting his 48 year old wife with lethal doses of Demerol.
It is understood that UCO's investigation revealed his criminal past, but in accordance with policy, the association had the final decision regarding his request for occupancy.
David Israel, said he was “dismayed at the discovery”, and pleaded with associations to exercise serious consideration before approving any convicted criminal especially those on parole.


  1. Great find Dave. It is ironic this situation came to light just weeks after my last post about another case in C.V. Here is a cut and paste of a portion of that post:

    "With an overabundance of C.V. units for sale due to a flat real estate market and struggling economy, the likelihood of many more units becoming rental units is a distinct reality. If Boards begin approving individuals with no work history, no credit history and/or the applicants failing to have established a record of meeting their financial obligations, it will not be long until we begin to read about many other arrests taking place in C.V."

    At the risk of appearing to be an alarmist, I believe situations involving unqualified residents will continue to come to light unless and until some remedial measure is put into place. Struggling Condo Associations may feel compelled to take a chance with a less than qualified tenant if it will assist in the payment of monthly fees.

    If there is an answer to this issue, I am confident Dave Israel will find it.

  2. OMG. Where is that old folks Reality Show producer who came to the meeting a few months ago when you need him!

  3. This is an interesting find. It should encourage us to scrutinize applicants for unit ownership much further. Good work, Dave.

  4. And I thought one of the Commandments is "Thou Shall Not Kill".


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