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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Hi all,

If you have been watching, you know that all of Andover's Condominium Documents have been launched into the Cloud and now are accessible on the Sidebar of this BLOG.  This now contains Andover A - M inclusive, over 120 documents; both original declarations and filed amendments: soon work will begin on Bedford.

There is a long way to go to Windsor S, and we may thank Ken Davis for working this project, slowly but steadily, which we all know, like the legendary turtle; wins the race!

This project is collateral to the document scan and digitization project; both projects could use additional computer literate volunteers. If you fit the bill, and wish to engage in a project that will be of great benefit to all unit owners, please come to UCO and ask to see Dave Israel.

Part of the scan and digitization project includes digitization of all extant issues of the UCO Reporter dating back to 1982; this is  currently in train.

We are making UCO history accessible and amenable to serious research; documents of every stripe are now searchable; Minutes, Agendas, Core Documents, Contracts, Invoices, Legal Opinions, Memos, Correspondence...Etc...! jump on board the train, help make it happen!

Dave Israel

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  1. David:

    It is absolutely unbelievable to
    read and view all the work and
    effort you do to always find some
    way to make CV a better place to
    live. I for one want to say
    thank you a million times and
    God did bless all of us to have
    you as in my opinion the best
    President of any gated community.


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