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Friday, May 13, 2011

Asian Fusion Buffet

Asian Fusion Buffet opening Monday the 16th May, in Community Dr shopping ctr, another good reason to ride the Publix bus. Sorry I do not know the hours.


  1. Went to the Asian Fusian Restaurant on State Road 7. I believe it is the same owners. The food selection was not too large. There was a lot of sushi, if you like it. The hot and sour soup wasn't the best.

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  3. I also went to an Asian Fusion restaurant on State Road 7. Is it the one next to Joseph's? If so, I agree with you.

  4. My husband and I enjoyed the Asian Fusian Restaurant on State Route. We liked the variety and everything we ate was excellent. The atmosphere in our seating area was also very enjoyable...we liked it more than the Crasy Buffet. The price was also very affordable...

  5. I thought the Asian Fusion restaurant at the NW corner of Routes 7 and 80 was pretty good. Better anyway than Crazy Buffet last time I went (a few years ago). I go a little nuts at these places, though, putting weird mixtures on the plate with usually a chocolate-covered strawberry included in every course. The sushi was good. I agree with Grace that the hot and sour soup wasn't the best I've had. Better at the Singing Bamboo, don't you think, Grace?

    Don't go by me!


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