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Monday, May 30, 2011


When I have a guest coming to my unit I call the phone number for guest and a
recording comes on and states to CLEARLY STATE THE NAME OF YOUR GUEST
AND DO NOT HANG UP UNTIL TOLD TO DO SO. The last 3 times I called in my
guest and clearly stated their name and was told that I may hang up the phone now
it seems when my guest gets to the gate and shows their ID they are asked for my
address. When they hesitate or say Chatham O they refuse to let them in because they
did not know the unit number so then they tell them they have to call me and tell them my address. Does anyone else have this problem??????????


  1. When your guest arrives at the gate they must give their name and the name and the address including the number of the condo unit they are visitiing before they are let in. This has been the procedure since I have been here at CV and I have had no trouble with the entry of my guests

  2. Hi Nut,

    Ok, here is how it works, there is an integrated Caller ID system in the gate equipment; so when you call, it knows what your address is, because you have at some time in the past registered your telephone number with UCO, therefore there is no need for you to say anything, to the guest call-in system except the name of your guest: hence the recording you hear which states: "Please clearly state the name of your guest"

    The guest must give their name and your unit address, which when entered by the gate guard, replays your recorded message.

    It has worked fine for many years, if everyone plays the game correctly.

    Dave Israel

  3. This is the first time I've ever heard of anyone having a problem. Every gated community I visit works pretty much the same.


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