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Thursday, May 19, 2011

The last Mango in Paris

I am loaded for bear today. I Iooked out at our mango tree this morning and there were an older and younger woman stealing the unripe fruit. It took time to get outside and follow them, but when they put the bag of our fruit down at Kent pool I took it back. I explained condo living to them. What lying and foul mouths they had, I wish I had my camera. They would not give me their names! But I know what they look like. Our residents and Security will be watching and ready.


  1. Good going Elaine, They should be stoned and their hands cut off.

  2. Get the sheriff to take fingerprints off the mangoes.

  3. make them eat unripe mangoes- pits and skin and all - that'll cure 'em!

  4. Watch out Nutmegger, the thieves disappeared into your general area.

  5. Elaine:

    We have a mango tree but it has
    not bloomed yet and if my memory
    serves me correct we only get
    mangos every other year.


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