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Thursday, May 5, 2011



We have been advised that American Coastal, our property insurer, has inspected our properties and has found some air conditioning units on the ground that are not properly secured and pose a hazard if there is a wind storm/hurricane.

This recommendation is mandatory for all A/C units on the ground to be inspected by a licensed air conditioning contractor and secured if they do not meet the necessary wind storm standards. It is necessary that all units meet the standard.

Failure to comply with this recommendation is possible grounds for cancellation, or non-renewal. They have given us 60 days to comply with this recommendation. Our completion date is 6-1-11 to advise our agent.

UCO and the Bid Committee have reviewed the bids from three licensed air conditioning contractors but you are free to choose any licensed air conditioning contractor you would prefer. They are:

Aztil Air Conditioning $89.00 per unit 561 433-2197 Jason

Gotham (Kilcoyne’s A/C) 75.00 per unit 561 575-2653 Robin

Triton Associates 45.00 per unit 561 282-0440 Jay

All of these contractors have been advised of what is necessary to complete the job and have agreed to inspect all ground units and only charge for repairing units that fail to meet the wind standard.

As of the last revision of #718, the responsibility for air conditioners falls to the Associations in case of a covered loss. Therefore, the expenses should be borne by the Association and not the individual unit owner.

If you or your Association has questions or would like us to help, please call the Insurance Committee at 683-9189 ext 150 or 151 for assistance. You need to advise us that the work has been completed. Again, our completion date is 6-1-11 to advise our agent .

Thanks for your cooperation.

Toni Salometo, Claudette LaBonte & Phyllis Siegelman


  1. Would you please provide the details of the standard we need to meet, with diagrams. What percentage of the village units did American Coastal say were defective? Will American Coastal be sending a letter of instructions to each Association?

  2. The Triton number is for Jay who is on his way out of town for a family emergency, it is better if you call the office 561 244-7900.

  3. Who is supposed to pay for this? The owners or the Association? Why did they wait until the snow birds have flown the coop?

  4. Your answer is within the
    notice, 2nd paragraph from
    end..additionally, the
    Insurance Chair/Co Chairs,
    acted upon receipt of request,which was addressed
    at both Officer's & XBd meetings held within the
    past week.

  5. I'm sure we will learn more at this morning's delegates meeting, but having first heard about this in this May 5 blog, how do you say we have 60 days to comply, yet our completion date is June 1 to "advise our agent"? This is confusing. And what is a "mandatory recommendation"?

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  7. Should repairs be needed who pays, the owners or the Associations.

  8. If the insurance company says we have to do this, no delegate meeting will change anything.

  9. I understand more about this now from the delegates meeting. Apparently UCO first heard of this April 7, thus making June 7 the real "deadline," unless the Insurance Committee can get us an extension. I have received nothing in writing about it from either UCO or the insurance agent, and apparently neither have some (maybe most?) others. Now we do know from the Blog (seen by a handful) and from the delegates meeting (often lacking representation by many associations), but there must be a number of associations who still know nothing about it.

    It is too bad we didn't hear about this at the Reporter office, because even beyond the April 7 deadline, I'm sure we could have made space for an important notice like this to appear in the May issue, which would then have reached almost everybody in late April.

  10. Good points Lanny, at least now UCO can send the insurance a/c notice to the associations who were not at the Delegate Assembly, and you can follow up with the Reporter. The attendance lists make notification easier.


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