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Sunday, May 8, 2011


We need to attract people who create more light than heat.


  1. I must agree (above and below), there is good work going on at UCO. The people with business acumen and management experience are there. Committees work for months, their plans are refined thru the Bid Cmte, and the Officers and Executive Boards. Do you really think the odd egotist in the Delegate Assembly, flying by the seat of his pants, should confuse Delegates into changing the good contract plans. Delegates come to find out what is happening not to make instant decisions.
    Look at the last meeting, there was a whole hour spent trying to understand the insurance requirement to tie down air conditioners before storm season. The delegates are not prepared for detailed decision making.
    If the Delegate Assembly was prepared there would be more questions on the budget items, usually there are none. I'll stay with the committees that spend months of research on sensible business decisions.

  2. And another thing -
    Delegate meetings are now more factual and time-efficient. Delegates used to be led like **, by drama and emotion. The Delegate Assembly is not a show, it is business.
    Many problem areas have come due and are being resolved. Previously they were postponed while people ran around after futile law suits.
    Now we have open meetings, you can get information, Sunshine was introduced and fought for. Previous admin was against this.
    Now the Bid Committee searches and sends out multiple requests to get better prices. Previously there were handshakes and much less competition.
    Dave Israel encourages searches for better ideas and prices. Previously newer ideas were ignored and avoided.
    Lets keep going forward, being professional and businesslike, saving our money, and improving our lifestyle.

  3. Bravo to all concerned. Keep up your good works...


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