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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Drama Queens

The Proactive Cmte wants us to panic and deluge Code Enforcement with calls! They blog - “We emphasized the tremedous amount of debris that if left unattended could act as missiles in the event of a Hurricane ... and tremendous amount of "brush" creates a fire hazard in this extremely dry climate."
If you actually look at the golf property: The grass is short enough and green a (not fire material). There are fluffy palm fronds decomposing on the ground, the small kind from Sable palms (not the large Royal Palm type like ours). The photo is the most debris I could find. These will not fly except in a category 5 hurricane, in which case you should worry about your roof, not palm fronds. (a professional opinion, with which I agree)
PS: Code Enforcement has already notified Waldman to clean up.
PPS: Perhaps an inquiry to our Fire Dept would set your minds at rest per lightning strikes.
Do you really want to annoy code enforcement, and stress our elderly population unecessarily?
There is a good common sense case to make against development, but the above is not it.
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  1. If the pro active committee is so worried about the few bits of fronds lying around they can be good neighbors and go and pick them up and be useful. They are losing credibility, like chicken little, "The sky is falling down."


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