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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Golf Course Development

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Not anytime soon, even if owner gets zoning approvals ,which is in doubt.


  1. Alternative Golf Course Uses:
    ƒAdopt-A-Hole program
    ƒƒGolf School
    Puttering Park
    ƒNight golf
    Ball field
    soccer field
    dog runs
    hiking trails
    solar power array
    blueberry farm
    ƒPedestrian trails
    Bike trails
    Bird watching
    Equestrian, horse trails
    ƒ4th of July Fireworks
    ƒConcerts, weddings
    ƒGo carting
    skate boarding
    ƒParking for events

  2. with the price of food/vegies constantly escalating-we may need to do community vegie gardens!

  3. Great Idea Mag. Often thought that would be a great idea for CV. WOnder if not on the former golf course, if there is another area that could be used for a veggie garden. Great Idea!!!!

  4. rethinking vegie gardens, with all the raccoons and critters around, guess we would be providing an all you can eat buffet for them! Can't think how we could keep critters at bay.

  5. For Mag - community garden
    Ground Breaking and Community Fundraising Event
    It’s your legacy. Be a part of it, from the start of it.
    Friday, June 17, 2011
    5:30 – 7:30 PM
    To be held at the garden site
    441 25th Street in Northwood Village
    The VillageGreens is a community garden project, one of two approved by the City of West Palm Beach for a recently established pilot program. In addition to offering local gardeners the opportunity to learn organic gardening practices and the benefits of eating food that is local, seasonal and sustainably grown, The Village Greens will further serve the community as an educational venue for energy and water conservation, ecoart, healthy food production, agronomy education, and reclamation of the urban surface.


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