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Monday, June 20, 2011

Lightning Strike?

Something going on WNW of village, N of Vista ctr.?
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  1. Hi Elaine,

    Yes, the something is called "smoke"

    Dave Israel

  2. There is (was) a fire on Jog, according to News Channel 5 at 6pm.

  3. Apoxee Park (along Jog) needs Kevin; Coincidentally one of my double in-laws was fighting the forest fires south of Vero on Father's Day. He was on TV breathing smoke, reporting progress and missing the Father's celebration at home. Where there is smoke there are TV reporters!

  4. When I was out walking at 6:00AM this morning the smoke was really bad. I knew the fire was close by. It is the one on Jog. I don't know if it is still smoldering or out but I thought I should wear a mask. Crossing the foot bridge on the way to Hastings I noticed the reclaimed water flowing. I guess they don't stick to a strict schedule of morning or evening because a couple of weeks ago they were doing the water in the evening.

  5. I hope it hasn't damaged Apoxee Park. That's a very nice NEARBY area for walking. During the rainy season there are stretches of the trails with puddles several inches deep. When it's dry, this isn't a problem, and hikers and cyclists can go right through.


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