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Monday, June 13, 2011

New Condo Laws on Governor's Desk

House Bill 1195, the community association bill that passed during the Legislative session, was sent to Governor Scott today. The Governor has until Tuesday, June 28, 2011 to act on the bill. I will let you know as soon as Governor Scott acts on this bill. If he signs it I will post blogs to explain the changes in the law. Stay tuned.


  1. Do you have a synopsis of the proposed changes, additions, etc.?

  2. Can you provide the summary to us if we send you our email address?

  3. Many thanks. Except for one or two areas, where you felt you had to discuss the legislation awaiting the governor's approval or veto, you didn't get into these things in your 3-hour presentation last Friday--which made sense. Now we'll look forward to finding out what made it through, and I am curious: is an all-or-nothing thing with the proposed legislation? I mean are all the proposed changes wrapped up in one bill, or could this change be approved and that change not be?

  4. Since we are only days away from finding out if the governor will sign the bill, I prefer to wait and see if the Bill becomes law before providing such a summary.


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