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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Century Village Lakes

What is happening to the Century Village lakes? I know we have spent a lot of money on land reclamation and that was a very good thing. It definitely did improve the aesthetic view of our shore line even though we are still under a fairly severe drought situation.
Pumping in reclaimed water was also a very good thing as this of course replaces the thousands of gallons we are using for village irrigation every day.
My main concern is the color of the water in our lake. It looks like it is turning into a green colored slimed filled cesspool rather than the pristine clear waters you associated with the state of Florida. We do not have a constant source of flowing water in our lake, but neither do most of our surrounding lakes. However, our's is the only lake that has this horrible uninviting color in the area. I have also noticed a large decline in the amount of shore birds to our lake. It probably is do to the fact that they cannot see below the surface of the water. I also wonder what effect this poor visibility and unhealthy environment is doing to our local fish population. I read in the UCO Reporter that we recently spent several thousand dollars to stock our lake with fish. In a way this sounds absourd when you release them into a very polluted and unhealthy kind of environment.
The survival rate of these hatchlings must be quite minimal.


  1. The north end of the canal near the walkway over the canal is always slimed around this time every year. I larger lakes wouldn't look bad if we had larger fountains running 24/7. The recycling water aerates the water and helps to keep it clean. Our 2 small fountains would help but certain powers that be wanted to save pennies per month to only have them on at night. Don't you think that prospective buyers driving to look at the outside of clubhouse would be more impressed if the fountains were on. We just look half dressed and CHEAP if the fountains are known and not used.

  2. Lakes are fed by rivers and streams, what we have are retention ponds which have a myriad problems, if you investigate them all you will be in a swamp, best to wait for the rainy season to bring relief.


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