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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Now You See Them Now You Don't!

Those following the Ist Priority Restoration Saga, may be interested to learn that Ist P. Director, Saloman Teboul, has started another chapter.
Late last year the elusive Mr. Teboul single-handedly launched a new company P1000006547, registered as Great Restoration Inc. - bet choosing that name kept him awake all night!!!
Oddly, although he still maintains his mailbox at 3389 Sheridan Street, originally home to the many Ist Priority associated companies, Great Restoration and Mr Teboul have a new address at 3113 Stirling Road, Hollywood.

Just a mile up the road, at Sheridan Street, apart from Mr. Teboul and Hila Vanunu – Florida Sciences Inc., the mold analysis experts allegedly used by 1st P. , all other associated companies are no longer listed by at this address. This includes, 1st P, attorney the lovely Rhonda D Zimmerman. Esq. and Ist Priority President,Yitshak Levy.
The disappearing Mr. Levy also failed to appear in court in April of this year at a pretrial conference were as Plaintiff he had alleged he was owed almost $4,000. The case: 502010SC005848XXXXMBwas dismissed for 'Lack of Prosecution'. The name of the defendant was Zimmerman so lets hope it's not any of the lovely Rhonda's relatives and she's busy defending Ist P. in three legal actions brought against the company by its employees.

For those of you new to this saga, Ist Priority Restoration Inc. came into the village after being presented by, the then UCO Maintenance Chair, Jerry Karpf, - who later claimed this was on the recommendation of two association presidents whose names he couldn't remember. They were championed and, in my opinion, promoted by Dan Gladstone, the then, UCO Insurance Chairman.
During the sudden great water leak pandemic of 2009. Ist Priority gutted hundreds of apartments leaving many CV residents homeless for months, if able to return at all – several died whilst out of their apartments and others were forced to abandoned their units when their insurance company refused to pay. The average cost was $40,000 per apartment which caused our building insurance company to drop our coverage. At much greater expense, the then, Insurance Chairman, Dan Gladstone and Insurance Agents Plastridge secured building coverage but all residents ultimately paid much higher premiums as a direct result of the scourge of sudden water leaks and mold.
That was the case until this current UCO Administration reduced insurance costs by negotiation and more importantly a new agent.


  1. Hi Sue,
    Has any legal action, criminally or civilly been taken by CV residents or the States Attoney, based on the info collected by Lee Hunt or Gene Dowling & Yourself. It was my understanding Lee was working on his own and Jean and You were also working on the 1st P legal issues.

  2. Hi Mike,

    The wheels of justice move slowly but we have 'Great' expectations!

  3. I like the double-edged sword adjective "remarkable." Remarkable Restorations has a nice ring to it.


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