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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What's with 63

There are spinning kung fu shrinking screens, CV'ers will be standing on their heads, now Dave and David are frozen on a screen with loud outer space noises!


  1. The WHP has informed her coven that 63 is possessed by the devil and an exorcism will take place at UCO friday night to free the computers of their Demonic possession.

  2. Mike, thanks for the laugh! Once in a while this happens with no explanation. Nothing is perfect.

  3. Cathy ,

    It's The DEVILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. At what time will this
    EVENT take place? I would
    LOVE to witness the outcome.

  5. Hi Bettie, I don't know but rumor has it, UCO has recently created a Demonic Affairs Committee. The WHP is chairing the committee of course!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Rumors, Rumors & more...
    If I could take them to the
    Bank, I'd be RICH!!! Let's
    try to promote "FACTS"
    for a change....

  7. When this exorcist has fixed Channel 63, perhaps he (or she) could drop over to the Reporter office and have a look at our copier and computers. Following that—no rush—there is a new digital camera I bought, which misbehaves, and a midget vacuum cleaner only two years old that has given up the ghost on me. Oh, and if he could get my VCR-DVD player to record.......

  8. Lanny, I suggest you attend the next Demonic Affairs Committee meeting and ask the committee to look into the possible Demonic Possession of the Reporter. President Israel might even prevail upon the WHP to do it personally. The occult seems to have found fertile ground here in our beloved CV

  9. Let's face it, nothing is made to last anymore. Years ago when you bought a new appliance it would last for many years as well as the TVs with tubes in it. Now, as soon as you buy any appliance or TV or any gadget, they offer you an extended warranty which you have to pay extra for. It always seems to break down a little after the warranty is up. I give up, keeping up with technology can be a pain.

    I do have to admit, I still buy the newer TVs, computers, appliances and gadgets which I am a sucker for.

  10. Mike:
    Your last comment no doubt
    will eventually be addressed by those who continue to monopolize OUR
    reporter.w/o Board of Director's approval(Delegate Assembly)..
    Side to Lanny: Have faith.
    This too shall pass.

  11. Bettie , Why don't you volunteer at the Reporter , I'm sure they could use a bright woman like yourself.

  12. Perhaps in the future...
    My current committments
    are to my Association(Treas)
    Appointee to Ins./Trans/Security Comm.
    attend the Quartet,as I refer to them.
    Operations/Officers/XBd &
    DA,as well as the Editorial.
    All to keep well informed>
    which I strongly encourage other's to do...

  13. Bettie
    Looks like you have a very busy schedule,hope you set aside time for fun and games. : )


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