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Monday, August 8, 2011

Property Tax Appeal

In 2009 I appealed my property taxes, showing how value was falling and that I paid 40% more per sq foot than my neighbors (wacky yes) I was given an Assessed Value reduction to $22,790 from $25K. BUT the next year it was back up to $25K assessed, too late to appeal but you know values were still falling. I had no improvements and no homestead so this made a difference. 
Silly me, I thought they had made a mistake. 
Noooo, they carefully explained to me that the reduction is only good for one year, then you must appeal again, What a waste of their and my time, and not logical or fair value either, but $$ for the county.
Who is my politician for this?

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  1. Answering myself - County Commissioner P. Burdick's office was responsive, called back promptly, they have someone looking into my issue with Property tax assessments.


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