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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

CV Entrance Art

Palmieri's on 45th Street has a Going Out of Business SALE. It has a large property full of art, good to walk around. There are items that would perk up our CV Entrances, the terra cotta pots are lovely too but I know some people do not understand empty pots!
The ribbon guy is already sold, too bad, he is pointing the way to the Centurion Lunch! I know, I know!
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  1. Actually UCO should consider all four of these art objects for the clubhouses. The Bocce Ball courts look a little sad these days. A dragon might jazz it up. Ceasar might add a bit the resistance pool. We'll think of someplace for David - (Michangelo's one that is).

  2. I agree with Plcruise that all four would help dress up the place. I especially like the dragon.

    One of our Sheffield N resident works for some wealthy customers and from time to time brings home some valuable object they don't want. Several months ago he asked me (as board president) if we could put a large sculpture he had been offered as a freebie out on the lawn. There were no objections by the board (in fact, some were quite enthusiastic), so we have it, not in front but in back. It's a weird thing, extremely heavy, made of metal, shaped more or less like a bowling pin, rusty (we may clean it up), engraved all around (if you look carefully, with a partially naked woman on one side), and with what seems like a pineapple on top (the birds do their business on this). As we sit out on our nice wooden patio out back, it's an "object of interest." Whether we should be bowing down before it, we don't know!

  3. There are a pair of dragons, over 100 pots/urns, and for Lanny many white marble angels, goddesses, muses ...


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