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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hi all,
Thanks to our Channel 63 team the Delegate Assembly video is now live in Cyberspace, just follow the link:

The Delegate Assembly video may also be accessed via the link in the sidebar.

Dave Israel


  1. Many thanks for posting the UCO Delegates meeting on the Blog. It keeps those who cannot attend up-to-date on what is going on in the Village. And a good job was done in the audio and camera work. Again, thanks.

  2. I cannot believe the behavior of Dan Gladstone at the delegates meeting, but I was there and saw it. I couldn't understand WHAT he was saying, and later when I asked others what they thought he was saying, they were equally at sea. It sounded like gobbledegook.

    That was one thing. The really disturbing thing was that when called out of order, he wouldn't release the microphone. And when Security was called, he said (before they even arrived) that "they can't take the microphone from me" or words to that effect. When two Security men arrived, they had to stand helplessly at his side until he got through his unintelligible rant, which thankfully he finally did.

    On another occasion I don't think the microphone should be given to Gladstone. We don't need to go through this again, and he doesn't deserve having it at his disposal, flaunting the rules as he did.

  3. That is indeed bad news if our Security cannot escort people who appear to be a danger out of the meetings.

  4. President Israel is NOT going to shut me up anymore. I am a delegate not because of him. He did it twice before.
    I do not expect you ever to say something positive about me. That has been your motto for a long time.

  5. David Israel is NOT going to shut me up anymore. He did it twice before.
    I am a Delegate not thanks to him.
    He knew why he did not let me speak. It would reveal info that he did NOT want the Delegates to hear.
    I do not ever expect any positive remarks from you. This has been your motto for months.

  6. Sorry, after being silent for 2 years I thought that I did not get through the 1st time. Will you ever forgive me?

  7. Dan,

    I am glad to have you comment on the Blog. That is more than some will do.

    Why don't you make your case on the Blog? Take your time and write it out logically so we can understand you. Tell us in simple, straightforward language what you were trying to say at the delegates meeting. At the delegates meeting, you got so hyper we couldn't understand you.

    On the Blog there is opportunity to lay out one's arguments dispassionately, and then for others to question where they are not clear. The "back and forth" can be clarifying for all if done right.


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