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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Does anyone know if the Mature Driver Course will be offered again at the Clubhouse, and if so, when? I took it in early August 2008, and my certificate has expired insofar as giving me a discount on my car insurance. I'm told I could save $60 per year (or maybe half-year, not sure) by taking it again. Is there a charge to take the course at the Clubhouse? I've forgotten. I know I can take it online, and pay $14-something. I may do that. The charge isn't the point—I liked the 3-hour class at the Clubhouse with an instructor and discussion time.


  1. Call Courtney 640-3120, then give the Traffic Course people the UCO Reporter link :-)
    I thought the Clubhouse course was all day, bring lunch!

  2. Thanks, Elaine. Courtney said the course is being offered at the Clubhouse on October 13. Cost is $15, payable in advance at WPRF (to Courtney, I believe). It is 6 hours. I thought the previous Mature Driving course was 3 hours, and we got out after about 2-3/4 hours, but I could be wrong.


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