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Monday, October 3, 2011


It looks like the election campaign is starting early.
If you would like to see the event spoken of below, see the video of the September Delegate Assembly at the following link:

Start at minute 50, you be the judge!

Is this the sort of activity you want at the Delegate Assembly meeting?
Open Letter to All Delegates of Century Village from Dan Gladstone, Delegate and Neighbor

The incidents at the September Delegates' assembly meeting are steering the Delegates in a dangerous direction and that direction is controlled by its' President David Israel.

FREEDOM OF SPEECH is being denied at the Delegate Assembly

The events that took place are grabbing microphones away from speakers, robbing Delegates of the right to speak and intimidating Delegates by summoning security guards. David Israel shouting "out of order" has become the norm when a Delegate is discussing the pros and cons before an important vote is taken. Our Constitutional rights as citizens of

Century Village are being denied-by a dictator who only sees his side of the picture. As a result, Delegates are only being presented with one side of the picture and they are, therefore, unable to make educated decisions.


President David Israel has taken ultimate control of the UCO media. He owns the unofficial BLOG and controls Channel 63. His power seeking supporters control the UCO Reporter where they ignore any article and/or letter to the editor at will.

I cannot escape the memory when 12 years ago, a small group that opposed the Millennium Agreement was called "trouble makers" and accused of "disturbing the peace". Today everyone agrees that it is "the worst contract you could possibly have agreed to". We spent thousands to try and break it, but to no avail. Today we wish that we had listened to that "small group of opposition". When ego, power and control survive the Delegates' wishes, that is when all reasonable and proper thinking is bashed.

This letter is sent directly to you because you really should be concerned. You and your fellow Delegates are the Board of Directors. When President Israel controls the microphone and has the gavel to slam it while shouting "sit down" and he has the power to fire or deny a resident the opportunity to volunteer because of having an opposing opinion, now, then you really have an honest to goodness dictator!

It is your responsibility as Delegates from your condo association to let the residents' know of all disturbing actions of our President. He is not there to dictate to us but to inform us and address our needs.

It is time for all our voices to be heard, NOT silenced! Remember, you could be next!!

My best to all

Dan Gladstone, Delegate and Neighbor


  1. I received Dan's letter yesterday and I am soooo angry.
    This man rambled and ranted on at the Delegate assembly and you could not understand a word he said. the only thing I understood was his anger. He disrupted the meeting and would not sit down until he was threatened with the police being called.
    His accusations are that of an angry, disgruntled man with no truth at all.
    Everyone has a chance to speak at the delegate assembly. Some people get up to be disruptive and have nothing constructive to offer and yet we suffer through them month after month.
    Freedom of the press. Dave has repeatedly said that he does not pre read the UCO Reporter, as did the previous president who did not publish what he did not like. As for the unofficial blog, remember the delegate assembly voted not to be part of the blog so it, in fact, does belong to the people who set it up. This blog is one of the most useful tools that we have in the village. I can read my by laws on it, access investigation forms, which saves a trip to UCO office. whenever I have had a question and asked on the blog I received an answer within 24 hours. Dave puts on all kinds of useful information. It is a great asset to the village.
    As for Dan Gladstone having 2 delegate votes, I think that this is wrong. Can I go and vote twice in the American election, No. Can I vote twice in a municipal election, of course not.
    He mentions ego power and control in his letter. Well I believe he is writing about himself.
    i just hate to think what it would have been like had he won the last election.
    We have a great president in Dave Israel who puts the residents ahead of his ego. He has done so much to bring the village into the 21st century, oh, and what about our insurance premiums, Dan. We got back over $500 this past year by not staying with your company. In the past we just got screwed by higher premiums every year.

  2. Dictatorship Dan? Well, you should know.
    There are many of your 'neighbors 'and 'delegates', who will never forget your own particular brand of tyranny. It came with its own immortal slogans. “No out of pocket Expenses”, “Sign here, sign here”. Remember how those words reverberated around the village during your unopposed magisterial reign with 1st Priority Restoration?

    Freedom of speech?
    I think you will find it's freedom of speech, not freedom to scream . Apart from the odd lucid word, no one in the room had any idea what on earth you were talking about. You didn't speak, merely launched into an irrational hysterical outburst that would have done justice to a two year old. With all that uncontrolled wild gesticulation you needed to be told to sit down before you hurt yourself or more importantly others.
    Don't you recollect promising the Delegate Assembly to reveal all, then becoming ominously silent when the truth about our insurance issue began to surface? You were free to speak then but you didn't.

    Freedom of the press?
    Come, come now make your mind up Mr. G you can't have it both ways. I seem to recall you were more than a bit miffed when the 'Press' exercised its 'Freedom' in reporting your past and current performance, in banking, insurance and a sudden inexplicable obsession with mold.
    It is not your arch-enemy, David Israel, who seeks to control the UCO media. He hasn't the time or I would add, the inclination. Educated individuals who put themselves in the public eye, don't cry foul every time they are criticised or reproached.
    All you seem to have to offer is yet another long diatribe about how badly you have been treated. It's deeds that count to delegates not desperation, Dan

  3. will the rant never cease? Can he not accept the accomplishments of Dave Israel for the betterment of our community? Can he not accept defeat with some dignity and move on? I find the open letter - his right to rant - just plain tiresome and the redundancy of his accusations and claims - pitiful. I have enough angst from my neighbors who refuse to assist in maintaining our assn ---I am so tired of people acting as if CV is an assisted living facility, of ranting and ravings with no base in reality because they are sore losers or their poor judgement questioned. Maybe a pillory in front of the clubhouse? We are fortunate to have Dave Israel and his foreward thinking and perpetual energy working for all of us - even those who continue to bad mouth him and all those who work tirelessly with and for him

  4. Hi Dave: You better ask the Sheriff to stick around for the whole Delegate meeting on Friday as he can escort the hothead(s) out, as our security guys cannot.

  5. I listened to 5 minutes of Mr Self-Interest Gladstone incoherent dementia, you need men in white coats, not the sheriff.
    Of course residents with genuine serious questions are very welcome to speak and that is refreshing.

  6. I was so aggravated my comment landed on the wrong topic, try again ...
    There's something bad in the neighborhood
    There are ranting emotional letters going around, (see above) they are like the emotional ranting at Delegate Meetings. 
    All you have to do is listen.
    The noise you hear is the sound of egos having temper tantrums. They will say anything and claim anything. What have these people done for us lately - NOTHING. What did they do in the past - caused a lot of damage to the village. Now they think if they talk really fast they can rewrite their miserable histories.
    All you have to do is listen. If it's just noise and anger wrapped in high falutin' principals, but with no productive ideas, we don't need it. 
    UCO is doing a fine job taking care of business and taking care of the Village. Its time for the established residents to let the newer people know the truth of this and not be confused by tantrums.

  7. If you once forfeit the confidence of your fellow citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem. It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time; you can even fool some of the people all of the time; but you can't fool all of the people all of the time.

    - Abraham Lincoln

  8. We are having a delegates meeting this Friday morning. I hope you aren't going to rant and rave the way you did at the last one, Dan. You were like a two-year-old brat, whose "dictator" father finally had to put him in his room. (We need a few more "dictator" fathers these days, I think.) Even then you went screaming and kicking.

    If it's a "performance" you want to put on for us, why don't you start with the dropping-your-pants performance you promised a couple of years ago, where you were going to own up to your extremely bad judgment (if not worse) in the Priority Restorations scandal?

    Will you ever--or perhaps I should say CAN you?--speak clearly and intelligently to the delegates? I thought when you last were on the blog that you might use it as a forum to address us sensibly in words that could be understood, but you did not. Instead, we get this ranting soapbox stuff in your blog post and in the mail all over again.

    Really, it is getting to be pretty passe, Dan.

  9. The same animosity between X and present board members in Nevada is no differant than Florida.

    It makes being a community manager such a "fun" job. Agenda driven clueless board members and crazy homeowners.

    I have to say from the small interaction I've have Dave he certainly seems to act in the communities best interest and I applaud his efforts in the thankless position he has. The paychecks are also non existant.

    Thanks Dave .... see you all next year and I've learned from reading the blog that running for a position in Century Village is out of the question.


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