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Friday, October 21, 2011


Hi all,
The following is provided by the ProActive Committee

zoning commissioners info for residents

Since the Applications for the development of the adjoining property were Certified by the County Planning Dept. we have to act now to prepare for the Public Hearings that will be scheduled in December.

The Pro-Active Committee needs your support NOW! It is time to show your opposition to the proposed development on the adjoining golf course. Here is what you need to do.

There are Zoning Commissioners and a Board of County Commissioners. We have the signed postcards for the Board of County Commissioners, now we need the residents that oppose the development to send e-mails or letters to ALL of the ZONING COMMISSIONERS to show our overwhelming opposition to this project. We need you to make these contacts ASAP. Ask your friends and neighbors to do the same. Thank you for your support.

Here are some suggestions to mention when making your contacts. Be sure to include the following as your opening statement.

"I urge you to vote against Applications 2011-00632 and 2011-01203 Reflection Bay"

There is a perpetuity clause for the property that states it will be a golf course forever.

Do not break the County's 1972 promise to the Century Village homeowners who paid a premium price to live by the golf course.

Do not sell us out to the land developer who is flipping the property.

Do not reward the developer for a poor business decision.

Please do not allow rezoning of this property.

This is now a heavily congested traffic area, without any new development.

Drainage will be a major problem if this property is rezoned and developed.

Century Village needs the open recreation green space that was in the original development for their health and well being.

Century Village would no longer be secure even though we are a gated community.
Here is the contact information for the ZONING COMMISSIONERS.
Commissioner Sherry Hyman, Esq.

Office of Sherry L. Lyman, PLLC
3535 Military Trail, Suite 101, Jupiter 33458

Commissioner William Anderson
7630 Ardwick Drive, West Palm Beach, FL 33467

Commissioner Sheri Scarborough
Prime Mgmnt Group, Inc., 6300 Park of Commerce Blvd, WPB, FL 33438

Commissioner Joanne Davis
1029 North Lakeside Drive, Lake Worth, FL 33460

Commissioner Alexander Brumfield
Alexander R. Brumfield, III Attorney, 319 Clematis St., Suite 602, WPB, FL 33401

Commissioner Mark Beatty
MPA Architects, Inc. 1801 Centrepark DR. E, Suite 175, WPB, FL 33401

Commissioner Robert Currie
Currie Sowards Aguila Architects, 134 NE First Ave. Delray Beach, FL 33444

Commissioner Sam Caliendo
Bentley Realty Group, Inc. 900 Glades Rd. Suite 200, Boca Raton, FL 33431

Commissioner Jennifer L. Bakcsi, ( )
92 Uno Lago Dr., Juno Beach, FL 33408

Thie above information is submitted by the Officers of the Pro-Active Committee

Further information will be forthcoming soon.


  1. Commissioner Joanne Davis
    This e-mail address is incorrect.

  2. Hi mllwpbfl,
    October 22, 2011 7:13 AM,

    Typo corrected, to "capercat"


    Dave Israel

  3. Hi all,

    Commissioner Jennifer L. Bakcsi, Email address added:

    Dave Israel


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