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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hi all,
The UCO Reporter for November 2011 is now live in Cyberspace, it may be viewed by following this link:

As always, the Reporter may be accessed by way of the links in the Sidebar where three years of the UCO Reporter may be accessed.

In due course, links will be provided to The Reporter reaching back to 1982, so stay tuned to this channel.

Dave Israel


  1. Many thanks to Lanny and all the UCO Reporter staff (so suddenly locked out).
    I hear Lanny is continuing to write articles and I hope you will find more remarkable people like Arthur Cohen (I especially liked that story). I enjoyed the whole paper too.

  2. Many thanks more so to Jean and Sue in getting out the paper and in transforming it, our procedures, and our quarters in a few short months. Barbara, Tamara, David Saxon, Ray, Saul, Bob, Ken Graff, Nhora, and those who put in hours for the paper at home all deserve credit. I am privileged to have worked with all of them.

    After interviewing Arthur Cohen, I thought I might have dreamed the whole thing, the man seemed so super-human. But he showed up at the Centenarian Luncheon and got written up in the Palm Beach Post along with others, so I guess he is for real.

    The luncheon was great, by the way, thanks to Lori Torres and her committee. I didn't think anyone could follow in Ted Silverman's shoes, but Lori hit a home run.

    There ARE remarkable people in the Village. Esther Dykman-Gastwirth is one of them--one of a number in our midst who suffered in ways horrible and unimaginable to most of us in the German death camps during World War II. Her story may be in the December issue.

    She has written a book herself, a compilation of the experiences of survivors, including herself. In it are a few simple poems she has written. One is so moving, I will have to include it in the article. It shows even nature--the trees and the flowers--being affected by what happened.

  3. Elaine:
    I don't believe the prior
    UCO Reporter staff, was "
    So suddenly Locked out"
    Both Co editors, I believe
    were given ample warnings,
    their brand of Journalism,
    was destructive and could not continue...they chose
    to continue..Why not consult
    David, after all, he was there...furthermore,it was
    my understanding that many of the former staff, were
    asked to remain,with the
    exception of a few,they chose another much for their loyalty to the Community, which should
    be FIRST & FOREMOST...
    THE PAPER,for the most part
    has been remarkably improved
    and undoubtly had the prior
    Co Editors,( incidently never presented or approved
    by the DA) taken the advice
    offered, they & their staff
    would still be at the helm!
    There were several devoted
    individuals who carried the
    Paper for many years, and no
    doubt, long after we are gone, there will be others,
    however,the FACTS, and only
    the FACTS, not someone's
    perception, is what our
    Community deserves.

  4. Does this mean you won't be reading the new paper then Bettie?
    What a loss.

  5. Sue:
    I await your latest creation
    with baited breath...for I
    know, it will continue to
    "Educate,Inform & Entertain"
    Wishing you EVERY success.


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