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Monday, November 14, 2011

What Key!

Does everyone have keys to their meter rooms, or does the management co.? For 12 years my Association did not think about this. Until today - FP&L locked the meter room door and then phoned at night for help to unlock it.
Embarrassing... tomorrow we will track down the key business, if it is ever locked the irrigation workers, etc. could have a continual problem.


  1. Hi Elaine,
    If you are referring to the room in which the individual electric meters for each unit are located, they are not to be locked, as they must be accessible to each unit owner.

    If however, you are referring to the transformer closet, this must locked, because there are high voltage devices present which are only to be accessed by FPL.

    FPL will lock these closets and will retain the key.

    Dave Israel

  2. If the other 2-storey bldgs are like mine it is the room with individual electric meters and rain bird irrigation clocks. We do not have a transformer closet, the transformer is in a green metal box in the yard. It would appear the management co made a mistake when they put a lockable handle on the meter room door.

  3. Elaine, I am in a 2 story bldg. Our room is never locked as David said it must be accessible.

  4. Who is the phantom locksmith? We have a shiny new handle/lock that appeared this year to replace the rusty old handle, but no key. It was NOT installed by the management company and no-one else takes credit. OK a little duct tape will maintain our access to the meter room. Thank you phantom - we have a honey do list if you are not busy.

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