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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Hi all,
A major collection of Facts, History and Creative writing has been released by Palm Beach County. It has been provided to us by our District Two Commissioner Paulette Burdick (Thank you Paulette for your care in keeping our citizenry informed).

Anyone interested in the issue of the development of our Golf Course for residential housing and commercial enterprise, needs to read this document.

It is gaunt testimonial to the naked power of County staffers to countervail the will of the vast majority of the citizens whom they ostensibly serve.

Whether you are fully informed, or you have not read a single word about this issue, in either case, you must read this report carefully as to every detail: follow the link:

The report may also be accessed from the sidebar.

Dave Israel


  1. My eyes glaze over reading all this. Seems to me the history of the golf course land is not all that cut and dried. There apparently was a time when, in order to build the Southhamptons, WE (Century Village) asked for a variance in order to put up housing where the land was not zoned for this. This would mean Mr. Waldman’s plan to put in housing is not without precedent. Am I wrong?

    I guess we shall soon see whether Mr. Waldman wins. If he does, I suggest we be as gracious a neighbor to him as we can be. When neighbors get along, good things can happen.

  2. Observations
    1. In the staff report:
    "Plotting/Use/Restriction/Maintenance Obligation of the Golf Course
    "...however the County Attorney and the Director of Land Development have concluded that is restriction can be removed by amendment to the plat...."
    What does "...that is restriction..." mean? Should "is" be "this"?
    2. I oppose Reflection Bay not because of the perpetuity clause, but because the real estate markeet, both residential and commercial, is dead.
    a. I have walked the strip malls, from Lake Point Center through Turnpike Plaza, Simcha Plaza to Guitar Center Plaza and Babies 'R us Plaza. The vacancy rates for these locations vary from 25% to 33%. The large CDA Financial Plaza building has been vacant for two years; the Comfort Motel was demolished because of disrepair and vagrants.
    b. RB will contain a senior living center. Within four miles are two large senior housing complexes - the Classic and Morse Life.
    c. RB will contain condos, beginning at $100k. Great views of Haverhill's four lanes and the Holiday Plaza Mobile Home Park with its many vacancies. In PBC's depressed market, why buy new: "Most homes, townhomes and condos can be purchased far below the cost to build new." (
    d. Look at City Place, another upscale development: "CityPlace faces foreclosure lawsuit" ; "Can CityPlace survive hard times? Food, entertainment, retail in limbo" (Post, Sept. and Oct., 2011)
    To reflection Bay, I do not say "No" but "Not Now".


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