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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Hi all,
After hours of public testimony, and spirited Commission debate, The Board of County Commissioners voted to postpone consideration of the Reflection Bay development until October 25, 2012.

Of particular interest were the outstanding presentations by our Century Village Residents. One impassioned plea after another was delivered by our unit owners; and it was clear that the Commissioners were strongly impacted, resulting in open minded debate on the issues. This was in stark contrast to the previous hearings by the Planning Commission and Zoning Commissions; where our entreaties fell on deaf ears.

Commissioner Aaronson issued a challenge to CV to "come up with a buyer" for the Golf Course, and even suggested that we, the unit owners purchase the course ourselves. Aaronson quipped "that is how you can have it in perpetuity"

The Commissioners, were somewhat spooked by the presence of our court reporter, and fearing litigation  opined that the postponement should be used to "explore the legalities" of the entire project, especially the matter of "in perpetuity"

The presence of 5 story buildings in the Reflection Bay plan was described as being "intense", opening the door for the developer, Andrew Waldman, to modify his plan still further.

All in all, this issue is far from settled.

Anyone out there want to buy the golf course and keep it a golf course - and by the way, is Mr. Waldman willing to sell?

Dave Israel

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  1. Is the purchase actually feasible should he be willing to sell at a resonable price? Also does this mean the end of the guy giving water to people to sign a petition on the road of the golf course near Golf's edge?


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