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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Reflection Bay access to C.V.

New blogger here gang,

 Please can someone tell me if the proposed Reflection Bay project has direct access to C.V.

I looked at several site maps of R.B. and from looking at the site map it was hard to tell if  Reflection Bay only has exits and entrances off of  Haverhill.

From the site maps it looks like two roads in R.B. end at C.V. property,but perhaps these roads go on into C.V.  If C.V. is in fact completely closed off to Reflection Bay does any one know what kind of fence or wall will separate our two properties, and will the fences and or wall be sufficient to deter unscrupulous people from gaining access to C.V. via the Reflections Bay property.

Lenny Clark 351 Northamptton R. Thank you


  1. Hi Lenny,

    The RB plan calls for two Entrances and Exits. They are both on Haverhill.

    There is no other approved access.

    The developer would like to have access via the road through Golf's Edge, this road, terminating in the perimeter road, is not available to Reflection Bay without permission from CV.

    Dave Israel

  2. Hi Lenny,

    As regards fencing, the developer is requesting variances to do away with any real fences.

    Please see the RB project data in the sidebar.

    Dave Israel

  3. David if the plan goes ahead per R.B.plan,could and would C.V. build a fence and or wall...
    Of course it would be better if we had a top notch golf course, but If R.B's. plan goes ahead will we (C.V.) be able to protect ourselves with a formidable barrier thanks for the prompt response,lenny


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