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Monday, January 23, 2012

zoning meeting

just received
Dear Friends,
I just wanted to send out a reminder to everyone that the zoning application for the Century Village golf course will be heard by all seven members of the County Commission this Thursday:

9:30 A.M January 26th County Commission chambers 301 N. Olive Ave, 6th Floor West Palm Beach, FL.

Due to all the interest in this issue and to make it easier on the hundreds of residents who wish to attend, the County Commission, for the 1st time, will be conducting a two-way broadcast between the commission chambers and the Century Village clubhouse.

Residents will be able to view the proceedings from their clubhouse and the Commissioners will be able to see the Century Village residents, both live.

I know there was some confusion about this, but the two-way broadcast between the Century Village clubhouse and the County Commission Chambers will take place.

If you want to speak to the commissioners, you will have to attend the actual Commission meeting at 301 N. Olive Ave, 6th Floor and you will need to complete the comment cards which will be available in the chambers.

The item numbers are 7 and 8 and need to be included on the comment card:

Item # 7 - ABN/DOA-2011-00632 application to delete the golf course from the South Hampton PUD.

Item # 8 - ZV/TDD/R-2011-01203 application to rezone the golf course to allow a Traditional Neighborhood Development and a congregate living facility.

Please share this information with your friends and neighbors who may not have e-mail addresses.

Paulette Burdick
County Commissioner District Two

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