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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bird Feeders On North Dr.

It finally happened. The well intentioned but misguided bird feeders who are feeding the birds along the North Drive by the small bridge have fed the birds enough to reduce the birds' fear of humans and caused them to wait for a handout. Now the birds gather along the walkway and roadway awaiting feeding. Yesterday one of the birds was struck and killed by a passing vehicle. There is no need to post a photograph of the crushed, deceased bird to get the point across that feeding these wild birds is not helping them. First, feeding birds processed bread is not part of their natural diet. For some species it is downright dangerous. Second, and most importantly, you are removing their instincts to find food on their own. Notwithstanding the issue of the birds now congregating near the walkway and roadway, are the bird feeders prepared to provide the birds with food for life and year round? Third and just as important, throwing food along the shore line is an invitation for other vermin to join in on the buffet. If you have a desire to help someone or something, please find a charity and volunteer where your help is really needed. If you keep it up we will find more dead birds along the roadway.


  1. I totally agree. I posted a message about feeding the animals a while back. These bird feeders seem to be BRAIN DEAD. A few times I had encountered ducks on the roadway near the bridge while I was driving. This was bound to happen sooner or later. Please, if you love these animals, don't feed them.

  2. Amen to that! People come there with bags of bread and their grand kids to feed the birds, ducks and whatever else comes along to feed. It is a family acticity. We have so many signs around and a lot of duplicates why not signs at the bridges telling people not to feed the animals.

  3. I happened to drive by the location Wednesday evening at about 6pm and saw 3 ladies with bags of bread feeding a ever growing number of birds that resembled a scene from Hitchcock's "The Birds."

    My question to the leadership of C.V. is -- If it ok for those folks to throw food scraps out for consumption by birds, can every resident do the same? I think we know the answer. If an activity is good for one resident it should be good for all residents and visa versa. Remember, we are all in this enterprise together. The common good should always prevail.

  4. Signs should be posted and stating that anyone feeding the animals will be fined. This should be strongly enforced involving the sheriff. This will get their attention.

  5. I spoke with Fish & Wildlife Dept. - the only bird it is illegal to feed is the Sandhill Crane.
    Feeding Muscovy ducks is bad because they are invasive and multiply even faster when fed, they are crowding out the native ducks.
    Suggestion: If you must feed ducks and entertain children, do it alongside Stratford O grassy area, not on the North Bridge where children and ducks spill into the roadway.


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