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Saturday, February 4, 2012

ID Theft

Avoid Identity Theft

Here are some tips to avoid identity theft: (1) be careful what you post on social media; (2) beware of dumpster diving thieves who search through trash for bills or other personal information; (3) skimming involves credit or debit card information using a device when the card is processed during what appears to be a normal transaction; (4) beware of phishing attempts where the thief pretends to be a financial institution to trick potential victims into releasing their personal information; and (5) a change of address scam reroutes bills to another location to collect personal information. Information about other ways to prevent identity theft and recover from it are available on the FTC's Identity Theft website.


  1. When I throw something in my trash can I make sure that my name, address, account numbers and every-thing personal to me I take a black magic pen and blackout any
    information pertaining to me.

  2. When using your credit card at restaurants, stores, etc., watch the sales person. I had my information taken at my dental surgeon's office. I cannot prove it but after I used it there, my credit card was compromised. This has never happened to me before. I wasn't watching her. Thank God, I have a great credit card company that monitors my spending habits. The charges that were made was not my usual spending habit, so they called me. Had to cancel the card and get a new credit card number which was annoying because I had that number for years and had it memorized. So be aware!!!


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