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Saturday, February 4, 2012



(pûrp-t-t, -ty-)
n. pl. per·pe·tu·i·ties
1. The quality or condition of being perpetual: "The perpetuity of the Church was an article of faith" (Morris L. West).
2. Time without end; eternity.
3. Law
a. The condition of an estate that is limited so as to be inalienable either perpetually or longer than the period determined by law.
b. An estate so limited.
4. An annuity payable indefinitely.Idiom:
in perpetuity
For an indefinite period of time; forever.
perpetuity [ˌpɜːpɪˈtjuːɪtɪ]
n pl -ties
1. eternity
2. the state or quality of being perpetual
3. (Law) Property law a limitation preventing the absolute disposal of an estate for longer than the period allowed by law
4. (Economics, Accounting & Finance / Banking & Finance) an annuity with no maturity date and payable indefinitely
in perpetuity for ever
[from Old French perpetuite, from Latin perpetuitās continuity; see perpetual]
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perpetuity - the property of being perpetual (seemingly ceaseless)
permanence, permanency - the property of being able to exist for an indefinite duration
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in perpetuity for ever, for good, permanently, for keeps (informal), for all time, for eternity, for always The US Government gave the land to the tribe in perpetuity.
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