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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wanted: Remedy for Raccoons !

We have a couple of raccoons roaming around our buildings in broad daylight, some of our residents are frightened. Can something be done to rid us of the problem.
Thank You 
Hi Marc,
You may find this humorous, but it works. The solution to ridding raccoon is Coyote urine. Please check out the following site. The theory is simple; the Coyote is a top predator  and raccoon will flee the scent of the urine.

Dave Israel


  1. OR
    see big ad on page A6 of the UCO Reporter, talk to the trapper. He was working in CV this week.

  2. Thank you Dave, but apparently it did not work for this person!

    2.0 out of 5 stars The Raccoon is still laughing ....., September 20, 2011
    By J. L. Garcia-macias - See all my reviews
    Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
    This review is from: Shake Away 3003503 3-Pound Deer Repellent Granules Coyote Urine (Lawn & Patio)
    It didn't work for me, I use to have a Raccoon that suddenly decide to make den in my attic, after a lot of research and desperation because the live trap didn't work either, and I was worry about instead of have 1 in a few months could have 1 plus 4 babies, I decide to give this product a try.
    First of all you have to be aware that you must make preparations outside your house, because they advertise that Human cannot smell it, believe me it smalls and very concentrate, after be ready outside, it was very difficult to put in stockings as they advertise in they're website, after a few minutes I was surrounded by flies all over the product.
    Ok after try and fail, I was able to make the stocking balls to toss in my attic, which I did immediately (leaving smell in all the house) i tossed as they recommend, and double the dose, and wait.....
    I have a camera connected in the attic to check the visitor, and right away that first night with the product the Raccoon was walking in top of all the freshly tossed balls with product.
    So after following the steps of the raccoon with the camera decide to wait until he went out one night and close the point of entry, luckily didn't find any babies.
    The only good think that I can tell about the product is that me and my family had a lot of fun watching the raccoon laughing at us.

  3. Hi Marc,
    February 16, 2012 6:40 AM,

    Perhaps this person is a raccoon trapper, or maybe this particular raccoon has olfactory problems.

    In any case, one case in thousands might be taken with a grain of salt,
    and I doubt the common sense aspect of using such a product inside your house!

    As always, the choice is yours.

    Dave Israel

  4. Well I guess if you have nothing to do with your association money why not hire a trapper. We hired one maybe 8 years ago when they were still cheap. I was against it. They carted out 1 and 2 more moved into their place. They are here and have always been here. Even using bars on the dumpsters are not a deterent. They can push apart the 2 parts of the cover on the dumpster and get in and out. Keep your area clean and don't throw out food for them. A friend up north had one in her house.

  5. I just watched "Raccoon Nation" on PBS the other night. By 2050, raccoons will take over the U.S. (that's what they said anyway).


  7. If I see a raccoon during the day, I stay clear away from them. You never know if they may have rabies. One time I came home from shopping from Publix at 1PM. I was unloading my groceries into the porch and saw around 4 of them. They had stopped to look at me. I knew they were smelling the meat I bought. I immediately closed the trunk of my car and ran in the house and waited for them to go away. I am now in the habit of bringing my food into the porch and than open my main door after I close the porch door. I did this because of the ducks, now I am doing it for all the animals. We have to respect their intelligence. They are a lot quicker than us.

    My porch is enclosed with windows. For those of you that have a screened in porch, make sure you screens are in good shape. A raccoon tried to get into my neighbors porch and ripped the screen apart.

  8. Hi Marc,
    February 16, 2012 12:53 PM,

    An excellent example, proving that urine, in this case Raccoon urine can repel students!

    Dave Israel


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