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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Why I Love Century Village

Why I love Century village.  Due to that fact that I am still working back "up north" I can only get to my beloved C.V. about 30 to 40 days a year Century Village  for me is an island of solitude in in a world that is very stressful,Century Village is a refuge of peace safety and beauty, C.V. is pristine it is pin neat. At C.V. I can relax and de-stress, It is interesting to read the blogs and also the  articles and editorials in the Advocate and see how easy it is to get involved in  petty backbiting and politicking.

I for one do not want to loose sight of the fact that there is more right with C.V. than wrong.We have a good thing here lets not rip it apart with pettiness I have never met David Israel but I see the success that is Century Village as an example of his body of work.

I have seen many things moving in the right direction since I have had a place at C.V. about  four plus years now, and I think David is one of the main reasons for our continued success in a very troubled economic time.

 Thanks David
 Lenny Clark  351 Northampton R. 

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