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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Clarification to an Earlier Post

It has come to my attention that a clarification needs to be made regarding a previous post in which I gave an example of how sometimes computer and Information Technology (IT) changes so quickly that it leaves in its wake many who had earlier, successful careers but just did not keep up for whatever reason.

I cited a case in point regarding a computer class where one of the teachers had mentioned to me that his career had been in the IT field.  Some thought my anecdote referred to certain people here is the village. I have not spoken to any teachers of any clubs at Century Village or in South Florida who were in the IT field prior to retirement. The class I spoke of was not a class that was anywhere local.  I'm not aware of anyone locally that would fit the story I described.

This anecdote was relayed by an instructor in a class I was  in with a group of coworkers during a training session  several months ago in San Diego, California. It had nothing to do with nor was it related to any individual here in Century Village or in Florida.   My apologies go out to anyone who felt my comments were directed at them or to a friend of theirs here in the village. That was not the case, I assure you.


  1. It is easy to be misunderstood isn't it :-)
    Its a first putting Computer Club lectures on the Blog but not on the CC website. Perhaps you can bring CC members to work on computers at UCO. Mix and mingle skills.

  2. How right you are Elaine! :-)


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