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Monday, March 5, 2012

Peter Amato

Has anyone done business with this man? Any observations would be appreciated. If you have had an unpleasant experience it's probably best to not be slanderous in this public forum however please do not hesitate to contact me privately.


- Joe


  1. I used Amato's crew for electrical and plumbing, on time, licensed. He ran for UCO president 2 years ago on a platform of officers should take polygraph tests, then stepped down and passed his votes to Dave Israel. Pete is also a good teacher, I now know how to rebuild a toilet tank! Is this part of your job search? For contacts give your email addy.

  2. No, not part of my own job search. I'm a community manager. I had his crew do some work for me with "mixed" results.

  3. my opthamologist used Peter for some work inhouse and said great job - and I believe one of my neighbors had him install a couple of water heaters and was satisfied -

  4. My nephew had faucets installed in the kitchen and bathroom and was very pleased with his work.


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