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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rumor Control


There is NO TRUTH to the rumor that the Resident Show would be terminated. The rumor had run wild, petition, picketing, and the PB Post in the person (oh no!) of Frank Cerabino.
No-one had checked on the rumor by calling UCO or WPRF, that would easily have reassured the village. 

So it was “Let's Put On A Show” at UCO this morning. No harm, no foul, maybe a little raised blood pressure.
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  1. For a fuller story read Cerabino in today's paper or online

  2. I did not realize how expensive it was to put on the Residents show. We have always gone to the show to support their efforts, and may I say we have enjoyed the production. However, the cost is far to much in my books, and these monies could be put to better use. Either scale down production or increase ticket prices.

  3. I read Mr. Cerabino's column in this morning's paper. This is a riot. I'm going to send the article to my brother, who lives up north. He always gets a chuckle out of these kinds of things—in this case how baseless and widespread the rumors on the buses and at the pools get.

    Speaking of theater, THIS was very good theater—and free!

  4. We have many talented people
    within, who I believe assist
    JM in several capacities..
    Why not have a "True Residents" show, produced
    & directed from within?

  5. Hi Elaine, Please let me know when you are taking a photo so I can give you my better side Ha! As far as the residents show I am very disappointed that someone, anyone didn't contact Uco or myself, many of the people in the show know my personal home number and know they could have called me.


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