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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunfish Racing in Century Village


  1. Marc: The Reporter may be publishing an article in the coming April issue that features the boats and the lakes, although it's not only about this. These photos are great. If there is a way you could send them to the Reporter electronically (by e-mail) we might be able to use one of them. Would you be able to send to: We would need them very soon, like by the first of the week. If you cannot, it's all right--our photographer may have some or can take a shot--but yours here are terrific. Thank you.
    --Lanny Howe 683-9336 (Reporter office) or 640-7708 (at home)

  2. Lanny,
    You're right, these are terrific, they were taken by Ken Graff.
    I emailed them to the UCO Reporter (with permission from Ken) :-)

  3. Omigosh, Ken is one of the two photographers for the UCO Reporter (Howie Silver being the other), so in you or I sending them to, the photos are going right back to Ken! Who is probably chuckling to himself about this whole thing right now. Thank you, Marc. I THOUGHT yours were on a par with some of the ones of the lakes Ken has taken!

  4. Thanks, I'll pass. I don't like swimming with alligators should the boat tip. Sailed from Montreal to Plattsburg years ago. Had to take the mast down going under the St-Jean Bridge. Great Time!

  5. I like the new swanky slide show, someone has too much time on their hands!
    I think we need video tours of the village on these sparkling sunny days, for the Blog - Hint!

  6. Hi Elaine,
    March 14, 2012 8:35 AM,

    I put the pics into the Marquee HTML.

    Dave Israel


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